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Glass Restoration by the Water Stain Doctor

water-stain-doctorThe ultimate cure for tough-to-remove hard water stains on all your showers and exterior windows
Are you tired of scrubbing away at shower glass stains that never seem to lift? Having trouble seeing through hazy vehicle, boat or house windows? Now there’s an easy, safe and affordable solution to all your water stain woes – just call the Water Stain Doctor today.

Completely restores glass and windows

Hard water staining is notoriously difficult to shift, but it doesn’t mean the end of the line for your windows. Just call the Water Stain Doctor, and your glass could look brand new again in just a few hours, at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows.

Great for showers, windscreens, pool glass & more

You can enjoy the benefits of the Water Stain Doctor in your home, at work, in your car or boat… Anywhere you find water staining on your windows, we can help. The Water Stain Doctor has already helped thousands of individuals and companies, including hotels, bus, rail, trucking and ferry companies, with water stain removal.

Also restores marine perspex and acrylic

And it’s not just for glass either. The Water Stain Doctor can easily remove hard water staining from perspex and acrylic too, without damaging rubber seals, so it’s ideal for boat windows. In fact, the Water Stain Doctor is trusted by companies like P&O to restore the windows on its cruise liners.

Gentle and safe glass restoration

The Water Stain Doctor will leave your windows just as strong as before, with no nasty chemical residues. It’s all thanks to our specialised equipment and techniques, that gently lift the mineral damage from water stained glass, using a completely safe and non-toxic compound.

Make an appointment with the Water Stain Doctor

Call the Water Stain Doctor today to restore your interior or exterior glass for a fraction of the cost of buying new windows. You’ll be glad you did – and that’s guaranteed.  Want to know more?  Go to

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